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Medical Physics Dictionary  Web Version 2.1

Overview: This dictionary was initiated under the project EMIT with the intention to support the international use of the Medical Physics Training materials EMERALD and EMIT (the e-learning materials of Emerald are now being used in some 65 countries). 

Further, as part of EMITEL project the Dictionary was re-designed for Internet use and updated to be used as a basis of the EMITEL Encyclopaedia.

Currently the Dictionary includes 29 languages: English, French, German, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Romanian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Thai , Bulgarian, Russian, Bengali, Chinese, Persian, Malay, Slovenian, Croatian, Japanese, Korean. Further expansion with other languages is also planned (please contact the project Coordinator for details -

This web site is the temporary address of the Dictionary. From September 2009 the Dictionary will be associated with the Encyclopedia EMITEL in one new join web site. This web site (currently in preparation) will be opened for free use by all colleagues at the opening ceremony of the World Congress in Munich WC2009. 

The Dictionary translates terms between any two languages. Although all efforts were made for the collection and translation of terms, the authors do not claim that the Dictionary is ideal. Any additions and remarks from colleagues would be gratefully accepted.

Acknowledgements: With more than 200 contributors from 35 countries EMITEL is the largest international project in the profession. We are most grateful to all colleagues who volunteered to include their languages in the Dictionary with the noble goal to boost the global development of Medical Physics! 

Project support: The development of this Medical Physics Dictionary has been kindly supported by a Pilot Project under the EC Programme Leonardo da Vinci and by all EMERALD, EMIT and EMITEL Consortia with their Institutions (for contact : .

Dictionary Coordinator:
Dr Slavik Tabakov (King's College London and King's College Hospital London)

English Terms Collection:
All EMIT and EMITEL Consortium members (please see

German Translation:
Dr Markus Buchgeister (Universitätsklinikum Tübingen)
Dr Gunther Helms (Universitätsklinikum Tübingen)
Dr Stefan Delorme (DKFZ Heidelberg)

French Translation:
Dr Alain Noel (Centre Alexis Vautrin, Nancy)
Dr Jean-Yves Giraud (Hôpital Albert Michallon, Grenoble)
Dr Hélène Bouscayrol (Service de radiothérapie, CHR Orléans)
Mr Louis Blache (Bioconceil International, Nimes, France)

Swedish Translation:
Dr Inger-Lena Lamm [Swedish Coordinator], Dr Monica Almquist, Dr Thomas Jansson (Universitetssjukhuset I Lund)
Dr Ronnie Wirestam, Prof. Sven-Erik Strand, Dr Bo-Anders Jonsson, Dr Michael Ljungberg, Prof. Freddy Stahlberg, (Lunds Universitet)

Italian Translation:
Prof. Franco Milano (Universita degli studi di Firenze)

Portuguese Translation:
Dr Ana Pascoal [Portuguese Coordinator], Universidade Catolica Portuguesa; 

Prof. Nuno Teixeira and Prof. Nuno Machado (Escola Superior Tec. Saude de Lisboa); 

Dr Paulo Ferreira (Portuguese Cancer Institute in Lisbon); 

Spanish Translation:
Dr Ignacio Hernando (Hospital Universitario Río Hortega. Valladolid)
Dr Ana Paula Millán [Spanish Coordinator] (Técnicas Radiofísicas, S.L. Zaragoza)
Dr Alejandro García (Hospital Clínico Universitario Lozano Blesa. Zaragoza)

Polish Translation:
Prof. Marta Wasilewska-Radwanska [Polish Coordinator], Dr Katarzyna Grymek, Dr Zenon Matuszak, Dr Aleksandra Jung (AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science, Department of Medical Physics, Krakow, Poland)

Thai Translation:
Prof. Anchali Krisanachinda [Thai Coordinator]; Prof. Sivalee Suriyapee; Mr Tanawat Sontrapornpol; Mr Panya Pasawang; Mrs Chotika Jumpangern; Mr Taweap Sanghangthum; Mr Isra Israngkul Na Ayuthaya; Mr Sornjarod Oonsiri all from King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand.

Hungarian translation:
Prof. Paul Zarand [Hungarian Coordinator], Dr Istvan Polgar (Uzsoki Hospital, Radiation Oncology Dept, Budapest), 

Prof. Geza Safrany; Dr Tamas Porubszky (National Institute for Radiobiology and Radiohygiene, Budapest) 

Dr Janos Martos (National Inst. of Neurosurgery, Budapest)

Dr Tamas Daboczi (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)

Dr Jozsef Varga (University of Debrecen, Hungary)

  Estonian translation:
Prof. Kalju Meigas (Tallinn University of Technology)

Dr Kalle Kepler [ Estonian Coordinator]; Mrs Sigrid Rootsmaa; Dr Jüri Vedru (University of Tartu, Estonia)

  Lithuanian translation:
Prof. Arunas Lukosevicius, Prof. Diana Adliene and Ms Dovile Serenaite  (Kaunas University of Technology), Dr Algidas Basevicius (Kaunas University Hospital)  

Romanian translation:
Mrs Daniela Andrei [Romanian Coordinator], National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control, Bucharest
Mrs Cristina Petroiu, INFORAD EXPERT SRL, Bucharest Romania
Prof. Aurel Popescu and Octavian Duliu, University of Bucharest, Romania
Dr Raducu Popa, „Alexandru Trestioreanu” Oncological Institute, Bucharest Romania
Prof. Constantin Milu, Institute for Public Health, Bucharest, Romania

Turkish translation:
Prof. Perihan Unak [Turkish Coordinator],  Prof. Fatma Yurt Lambrecht, Dr Turgay Karalý, Dr Zumrut Biber Muftuler, Dr Serap Teksoz
All from Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Ege University, Izmir, Turkey

Arabic translation:
Dr Farida Bentayeb [Arabic Coordinator], University Mohammed V Agdal, Rabat ,Morocco
Dr Rachida El Meliani, University Mohammed V Agdal, Rabat ,Morocco
Dr Ibrahim Elyaseery and Dr Nagi Hussein, Garyounis Univ., Libya
Dr Salem Sassi, Royal Marsden Hospital, London

  Czech Translation:
Ing. Ivana Horakova, [Czech Coordinator] CSc. (SURO);

Ing. Josef Pacholik (SÚRO)  

Ing. Anna Kindlova (FN Motol Praha); 

Ing. Simona Trampotova (VFN Praha); Ing. Daniela Kotalova (VFN Praha); 

Prof. Ing. Václav Husak, CSc. (FN Olomouc); Ing. Jaroslav Ptacek (FN Olomouc); 

  Greek Translation:
Dr Christofides Stelios [Greek Coordinator], Dr Kaplanis Prodromos, Mrs Kokona Georgiana, Mr Kaolis Demetrios, Mr Menikou Georgios, Mr Papaefstathiou Christos, Mr Yianakkaras Charalambos, Mrs Charalambous Dora,  Ms Constantinou Demetra, Mr Gerogiannis Yiannis, Mr Heraklides Michalis, Mr Mikelides Andreas, Mr Papadopoulos Nicos, all from Nicosia General Hospital, Cyprus 

Dr Spyrou Spyros, Cyprus University of Technology         Mr Christodoulou Christodoulos, Private sector, Cyprus

Mrs Sissou Anastasia, Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance
Mr Christodoulides George, Consultant, Cyprus

  Latvian Translation:
Prof. Juri Dekthtyar [Latvian Coordinator], Dr Aleksei Katashevs, Ms Lada Bumbure, Dr Juris Rauzins, Ms Sandija Plaude, all from Riga Technical University; 

Dr Dzintars Emzins, Dr Sergejs Popovs Oncological Centre of Latvia, 

Ms. Marite Chaikovska Radiation Safety Centre Latvia

  Bengali Translation:

Prof. Golam Abu Zakaria (University of Cologne, Germany);

 Ms Hasin Azhari (Anupama) [Bengali Coordinator], Mr Md Akhteruzzaman, Mr Safayet Zaman, all from  Gono University, Dhaka

  Chinese Translation:

Dr Andy A Zhu [Chinese Coordinator] (David C Pratt Cancer Centre, St Louis Missouri); 

Prof. Wu Wenkai (Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences);

Prof. Bao Shanglian (Beijing Key Lab of Medical Physics and Engineering); 

Prof. Geng Jianhua (Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences);

Prof. Yin Yong (Shandong Hospital Jinan)

Prof. Zhang Jiutang (Hunan General Hospital, Changsha);

Prof. Xu Xiao (Tianjin Medical Univertsity);

Dr Dai Jianrong (Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences);

Mr Dai Liyan (Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine);

Mr Dai Xiangkun (PLA General Hospital Beijing);

Dr Wang Yunlai (PLA General Hospital Beijing);

Mr Fu Guishan (Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences);

Mr Geng Hui (Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital)

Mr Wang Jianhua (Lihuili Hopsital, Zhejiang);

Mr He Zhengzhong (Hubei Hospital, Wahan)

Mr Xu Zhiyong (Fudan University, Shanghai)

Mr Zhang Yue (TomoKnife Company Ltd, Beijing). 

  Bulgarian Translation:

Dr Jenia Vassileva [Bulgarian Coordinator] (National Center of Radiobiology and Radiation Protection);

Prof. Petar Trindev (Medical Academy, Sofia)

Prof. Venceslav Todorov, Consultant, Sofia

Dr Borislav Constantinov, Consultant, Sofia 

Mr Anastas Litchev, Consultant, Plovdiv

  Russian Translation:

Prof. Valery Kostiliev, AMPHR [Russian Coordinator], 

Dr Nina Liutova, AMPHR

Dr Tatyana Ratner, 

Dr Boris Narkevitch, all from Cancer Research Centre, Moscow

  Malay Translation:

Dr David Bradley [Malay Coordinator], Surrey University, UK

Dr Suhairul Hashim, (University of Technology Malaysia)

  Persian Translation

Prof. Alireza Binesh [Persian Coordinator], (Payam Nour Univ., Fariman, Iran)

Dr Ali Asghar Mowlavi, (Sabzevar Tarbiat Moallem University, Sabzevar, Iran);

Prof. Azam Niroomand-Rad, Past President IOMP, USA.

  Slovenian Translation:

Prof. Ervin B. Podgorsak (McGill University Canada); 

Mr Bozidar Casar [Slovenian Coordinator]; Dr Vili Kovac;  Mr Damijan Skrk; Ms Petra Tomse; Mr Boris Sekeres; Mr Urban Simoncic all from Institute of Oncology Ljubljana

  Digital Dictionary Database and Web Programming:
Dr Magdalena Stoeva and Mr Assen Cvetkov (AM Studio Ltd, Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

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The authors assume no liability for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from use of this Medical Physics Dictionary.