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Medical Physics Dictionary  Web Version 2.1.

* Select the two languages to translate from/to in the two small windows (left window is the source "from" language; right window is the destination "to" language.

* Type a word (or the beginning of a word, or just the first two letters) in the "translate window". Press TRANSLATE button. 

* A table with words appears, where the left column with the INPUT language is arranged according to the requested translation.  The input language column is arranged first according to the requested word (part of word) and then alphabetically according to the first word (if the requested word is in a phrase).  The right column presents the translated words/phrases. Please see the two examples further down.

* The results could either be exact match (if the input word is typed correctly in full), OR a list of word with similar beginning (in case part of word is typed in the translate window).  The dictionary will list not only words, but also phrases, where this word exist (at the beginning or inside the phrase). No translation is made if the chosen combination of letters is not in the database.

* Please note that the maximum length of the table is 100 rows (i.e. 100 words). The longer list of words/phrases are requested to be translated, the more one has to wait (depending on the speed of Internet connection) for the database to visualise the result.

* Example 1: one has typed just  "peri"  in the Translate Window. Based on these 4 letters, the results (in the input language) will be arranged as:

Sorry, no matches found for peri in English 
similar words to "peri" 
Negative half period  
Periodic motion  
Periodic table  
Peripheral blurring    
Peripheral dose  
Peripheral resolution  
Peripheral vision  
Pulse repetition period  
Readout period  

* Example 2: one has typed "wedge" in the Translate Window. Based on it, the results (in the input language) will be arranged as:

English: Wedge  ... translated...
  similar words to "wedge"  
Compensating wedge  
Dynamic wedge  
Universal wedge  
Wedge angle  
Wedge field  
Wedge filter  
Wedge transmission factor 



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